In the late spring of 1992, DAR members Agnes Van Orden, Mary Lou Chianese, Jean Katz, Claire Pellarin, and Beverleigh Schlieben met to organize a new Pennsylvania chapter. Along with Elizabeth Carfagno, Roselyn Doverspike, Beverlee Felkner, Rachel Kemble, Nancy LaRocca, Marion O’Neill, Diane Orr, Edith Orr, Jean Torongo, Marjorie Torongo and Marilyn Watson, they are known as the organizing and charter members.

On August 29, 1992, organizing officers were installed by the state organizing secretary and twelve of the sixteen organizing and charter members signed a “report to organize.”

Organizing officers were: Agnes Van Orden, regent; Mary Lou Chianese, vice regent; Beverleigh Schlieben, chaplain; Jean Torongo, recording secretary; Beverlee Felkner, corresponding
 secretary; Marjorie Torongo,  treasurer;  Elizabeth Carfargno, registrar. Beverleigh Schleiben also served as parliamentarian.

Additional DAR members Joan Henry, Patricia Kondash, Charlotte Rieger, Francella Smith, and Carole Tafaro joined the newly forming chapter, bringing the total number of charter members to twenty-one.

Committee members during the organizing year were: American Heritage and American History Month, Beverlee  Felkner; DAR School, Patricia Kondash, Carol Talfaro; Flag of the USA, Jean Torongo; Finance, Marjorie Torongo, Mary Lou Chianese, Jean Katz; Genealogical Records and Lineage Research, Elizabeth Carfagno; National Defense, Jean Katz; Program, Mary Lou Chianese, Elizabeth  Carfagno, Agnes Van Orden; Public Relations, Mary Lou Chianese; Ways and Means, Marjorie Torongo.

In keeping with the bylaws of the National Society, three names were submitted for consideration:  Washington Crossing, Bowman Hill, and Samuel Merrick. On October 7, 1992, the National Board of Management confirmed the new chapter as Washington Crossing Chapter of Yardley, Pennsylvania, making it the 146th chapter formed in the state of Pennsylvania.

The 10th anniversary was celebrated at the home of Mary Lou Chianese on October 12, 2002. Organizing and charter members in attendance were:  Mary Lou Chianese, Jean Katz, Nancy LaRocca, Claire Pellarin, Beverleigh Schlieben, Jean Torongo, Marjorie Torongo and Agnes Van Orden. Charter members attending were:  Joan Henry and Francella Smith. A membership of 43 was reported to National in January of 2003.

By 2005, membership had reached 50 or more members and it was no longer practical to continue holding meetings in members’ homes. Arrangements were then made with the David Library of the American Revolution (DLAR) in Washington Crossing for the use of its facilities. Our relationship with the DLAR continues today and we are grateful to its Board of Trustees for its many courtesies over the years.

On October 13 2007, at the David Library, the chapter celebrated its 15th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the Bucks County Commissioners proclaimed October 13 as “Washington Crossing DAR Day” throughout Bucks County. Meg McSweeney, chief operating officer of the DLAR, was the featured speaker of the day and presented a program on the legacy of Sol Feinstone, the founder of the David Library. In attendance were past regents Agnes Van Orden, Mary Lou Chianese, and Jean Torongo, and current regent Glenda Baggesen-Jensen. A special guest in attendance was Roberta P. McMullen, Pennsylvania State Society DAR registrar. The membership of 76 was reported to National in January 2008.

Throughout the years, the chapter has been recognized with membership and achievement awards from the National and State societies and individual members acknowledged for outstanding service.

With great pride, the chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 20, 2012, with a membership of 124 and a proven record of dedicated service to the objectives of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

2017-2020 Officers

Regent     Judi Biederman

First Vice Regent     Hope Bailey

Second Vice Regent     Christie Caywood

Chaplain     Marianne Morgan

Recording  Secretary     Susan Weber

Corresponding Secretary   Jennifer Goodwin

Treasurer     Marguerite Mogila

Registrar     Karen Nilsen

Historian     Sandy Billington

Librarian     Marilyn Konicky

Parliamentarian     Mary Lou Chianese

Honorary Regent     Sue Van Orden

National Committees

American History Essay Contest     Susan Weber

American Indians     Cleta Szoke

C.A.R.     Hope Bailey

Chapter Achievement Awards     Marguerite Mogila

Commemorative Events    Christie Caywood

DAR Magazine      Pam Masone

DAR Schools     Mary Seiferman

DAR Project Patriot     Dotty Gannon

DAR Service for Veterans     Dotty Gannon

Historic Preservation     Sandy Billington, Karen Nilsen

Junior Membership      Christie Caywood

Lineage Research     Karen Nilsen

Membership     Krysti Buchanan, Karen Nilsen

National Defense     Jen Viscusi

Program     Christie Caywood

Public Relations     

Volunteer Information Specialist     Karen Nilsen, Judi Biederman

Chapter Committees

Audit     Charlene Curtis

Bylaws     Mary Lou Chianese

Finance     Marguerite Mogila

Hospitality     Hope Bailey

Insignia     Patrice Matthews

Webmaster     Judi Biederman

Yearbook     Hope Bailey